4K Restoration/1964/Per un pugno di dollari

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2014 4K Restoration[edit]

  • "The original Techniscope negative was digitized and restored in 4K resolution , a work performed by the Cineteca di Bologna together with Unidis Jolly Film , the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and Martin Scorsese's The Film Foundation ( with director of photography Ennio Guarneri supervisor of the entire restoration), which made it possible to restore the colors to their original version. The music has also been remastered, following the instructions of Ennio Morricone himself."[1]

2018 Kino Lorber 1080p release[edit]

  • "done by L’Immagine Ritrovata a few years ago, we had released that master on Blu-ray in 2018"

2022 Kino 4K release[edit]

  • "This time around instead of color grading the UHD Pro Res file, we decided to go back a step and receive the logarithmic restored 4K files, the delivery of these file and the needed conform cost us an additional $10K or so, but since the mastering house recommended it and said the final result would be much better, we decided to go ahead." [2]