4K Restoration/1963/Il gattopardo

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aka: The Leopard[edit]

  • Digital Picture Restoration: Colorworks
  • "For this new restoration, the original Technirama camera negatives were scanned at 8K (8000 lines of horizontal resolution), resulting in twenty-one terabytes of data. A 35mm protection interpositive was also scanned for sections needed to replace material not present in the original camera negatives. After scanning, all files were converted to 4K, and the balance of picture restoration was performed entirely digitally at this resolution. Over 12,000 hours of manual restoration was performed, removing forty-seven years’ worth of dirt, scratches, and other physical anomalies. The original monaural soundtrack has also been carefully restored, using a 35mm magnetic source which was digitally captured and processed to remove distracting pops, clicks, and noise while still faithfully representing the characteristics of the original presentation. The restoration of Il Gattopardo is presented both in a 4K digital cinema package as well as in traditional 35mm film prints. Archival film elements and data archives have been created of both the restored and unrestored versions of the film in order to preserve Il Gattopardo for generations to come."
    • Schawn Belston, Film Preservation, Twentieth Century Fox"[1]