- Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers)

Q: Since there are so many movies missing from your database, isn't it wrong and misleading to rank them?
A: Good point. From now on, I want everyone to ignore the rank column.

Q: Do you happen to have box-office information about Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I can't find it anywhere on your site?
A: Yes, the movie is listed under the title Wo hu zang long (2000).

Q: Can my site link to an individual movie's data at
A: Yes, use the form below to generate a link:

movie links for titles containing the string

This information will be up to date with the data on the main page.

Q: Does your site have a privacy policy?
A: It does now, you can view it here.

Q: When is your page updated?
A: A full domestic update is usually done on Tuesday, unless there is a holiday weekend in the U.S., in which case the update is done on Wednesday. Partial domestic updates are done daily. Overseas updates are done on Monday and Tuesday.

Q: Where do you get your information?
A: See my sources page.

Q: Where can I find box office or other financial movie information?
A: See my sources page.

Q: What revenues are included on your page?
A: Gross movie ticket sales only -- not video, not television, not merchandising. Allow the Video Software Dealers Association to supply you with video figures.

Q: Do the figures on your page account for inflation?
A: No, they do not.

Q: Well, can't you just multiply a movie's gross by the inflation rate index for its year of release to get a gross that is adjusted for inflation?
A: Not really. Movies whose grosses span many years of ticket prices due to re-release (like Disney features) or perpetual release (like The Rocky Horror Picture Show) will not submit themselves to such simple adjustment, thus making the effort meaningless.

Q: Why isn't my favourite movie included in your list?
A: First, check that you have got the title and year correct. (For example, Spice World is a 1997 release, so you won't find it on the 1998 list.) Secondly, if you look at the database's yearly breakdown, you'll see that this listing is far from complete. Data for the latest blockbusters is easier to come by than data for older releases.

Q: Do you have Opening Weekend grosses?
A: No. Check out the Internet Movie Database.

Q: Do you have movie budget information?
A: No. Check out the Internet Movie Database.

Q: I noticed that the overseas gross for Jurassic Park went up this week (1998/02/22), is it still playing in some part of the world?
A: Newly found data may cause grosses to jump suddenly in the database and do not necessarily reflect recent box office activity.

In this case the change in gross was due to a re-evaluation of conflicting data found in Variety. Don Groves had reported the dino pic's overseas gross as $563M in two articles -- here and here. Adding this to the $357M domestic gross listed in Variety's By the Numbers chart, gives me a worldwide total around $920M. But on February 24th, Variety reported the worldwide gross of the Amblin/Universal production as $913.1M. Stricken with self-doubt, I subtracted seven million from the overseas figures. Later, after further reflection and a re-checking of the old articles, I decided to return to Don Groves' figure.

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