Notes/1977/Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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Steven Spielberg on Roy Neary as obsessed artist

"I used the Van Gogh analogy to Richard many times. When I justified the psychotic behavior in building the mountain in the den, I used the Van Gogh madness parallels several times. A person who is an artist — and Neary is an artist, probably all the people who wound up there are artists of some sort"[1]

Steven Spielberg on François Truffaut

"I cast him because of his interviews, and how I saw him in Day for Night"[2]

Sneaking onto movie lots

"While Spielberg was still taking college dramatics, he’d drive up to Hollywood and crash the movie lots. He’d put on a suit and tie, carry an attaché case and walk with authority through the gates of Universal Studios. He found an empty desk and set up a base of operations."[3]