4K Restoration/1981/Raiders of the Lost Ark

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2003 HD Restoration

  • Lowry
    • "used a timed low contrast print (struck from the negative)" [1]

2011 4K Restoration

  • Laser Pacific
    • "The old Laser Pacific website had stills from their restoration and stated it was a 4k restoration from the negative" [2]
    • "The Baselight colour grading system was used in the recent restoration of Raiders of the Lost Ark, which has been released to coincide with its 30th anniversary."
    • "The grade was carried out by Lou Levinson at Laser Pacific. In the words of Ron Burdette, “It couldn’t have been done without Baselight.”"[3]

2012 IMAX and Blu-ray Restoration

  • Technicolor
    • "It was late in the game in 2012 that the decision was made to “modernize” the color and remix the sound, probably for the IMAX release. It was hastily done by Technicolor and that is what was released on blu-ray." [4]
  • Team at Paramount
    • "Andrea Kalas, VP of Archives,
    • Laura Thornburg, Exec. Dir, Restoration and Preservation, Archives, and
    • Jeff Cava, Supervising Librarian, Restoration and Preservation, Archives."[5]

2021 40th Anniversary

  • "All of the Indiana Jones films already have 4K masters, but these are still being carefully checked to ensure that they present the films in the best possible way.[6]

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