4K Restoration/1975/Jaws

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2012 4K Restoration

  • Peter Schade - VP of Content Management and Technical Services, Universal Studios
  • Michael Daruty - Senior VP of Technical Operations
  • Bob O'Neil - VP of Image Assets and Preservation, Universal Studios
  • Seanine Bird - Project Manager, Universal Studios Digital Services
  • Daniel DeVincent - Cineric senior colorist
  • Eric Bauer - Inferno Artist, Universal Studios Digital Services
  • Phil Defibaugh - Universal Technical Services mastering supervisor
  • Leo Dunn - Colorist, Universal Studios Digital Services
  • Frank Montaño - Re-recording Mixer, Universal Studios Sound
  • Richard LeGrand - Executive Director, Universal Studios BluWave Audio
  • John Edell - Supervising Sound Editor, Universal Studios Technical Services

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