4K Restoration/1962/Lawrence of Arabia

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2012 Restoration Credits

Restored in 4K by Colorworks

Colorist Scott Ostrowsky

Project Manager Mike Eisenberg

Baselight Conform Reza Amidi

Opticals Jesse Morrow

Image Restoration Services

Prasad Group

Channai Restoration Team

Hollywood Restoration Team

MTI Film

Research and Development

Kevin Manbeck

Larry Chernoff

Restoration Artists

Bridgid O’Donnell

Stephanie Farley

Carlos Iniguez

Tony Catanese

Larry Chernoff

Audio Restoration Services

Chase Audio by Deluxe

Restoration Re-Mastering / Mixing

James B. Young

Editorial / Foley

Nick Beljic


Al Ramirez

Preservation Transfer

Robert Rieger

Digital Restoration

Gene Hobson

Ellis Burman

Project Coordination

Lisa Davidson

Alex Chane

Amy Rosenbloom

Film Scanning and Recording Services


65mm 8K Film Scanning and 4K Film Recording

Project Management

Andrew Oran

Jeff Heacock

Daniel Rapo

Technical Supervisor

Vince Roth

I/O Supervisor

David Rosenthal

I/O Operations

Les Meek

Rick Lopez

Paul McGhee

Les Vary

Jerry Callaghan

70mm Color Timer

Kristen Zimmermann