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2021 Restoration[edit]

"Mosla" 4K Revival Project-Digitally Remastered Work Completely Adhering"
モスラ』4K復活プロジェクト ~デジタルリマスター作業完全密着~

  • video posted 17 Nov 2021 on the GodzillaOfficial channel
  • 43.9K views 1.5K likes 11 dislikes
  • video id 2LYTpyhKi8s went offline

"Watch "Mosla" 4K! let's talk!"

  • Shinsuke Kasai (笠井 信輔) https://wikizilla.org/wiki/Shinsuke_Kasai
  • 0:49 Toshifumi Shimizu ( 清水俊文 ) from Tokyo Laboratory (東京現像所)
  • 1:29 "I'm Imagica (イマジカ) now"
  • 14:40 Tsuburaya 円谷
  • King Ghidorah キングギド
  • 31:01 Godzilla Mosla King Ghidorah Large Monsters All-Out Attack (ねゴジラモスラキングギドラ大怪獣総攻撃 )
  • 35:36 いうの本多監督 (Director Honda) (本多猪四郎)
  • 44:44 レーザーディスク (Laser disc)
  • 46:11 オリジナルネガ (original negative)
  • 1:06:29 ピアノ線 (Piano wire)
  • 1:12:42 4型の (Type 4)

"Mosla" 4K digitally remastered close contact decision! [Godzilla Festival Extra Edition]

  • "Mosla 4K Project" announced in "Godzilla Festival Extra Edition Shinjuku Total Advance" delivered on Saturday, May 22, 2021!
  • Please see the special video of the decision to adhere to the 4K digital remastering work of "Mothra" released in 1961!
  • The video closely related to the 4K digital remastering work that will be held over the next six months will be released at the "Godzilla Festival" on November 3rd!
  • "Mothra" 4K will be screened at the 10 am movie festival after December 10th.
  • For details, please check the official website of "Movie Festival at 10 am"!